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group nutrition classes

There is a clear connection between good nutrition and a child's ability to learn effectively, behave appropriately,
maintain a positive mood and stave off disease. What you may not know is specifically what and how to feed your
children to nourish their growing minds and bodies.

Join Casey Seidenberg and Katherine Sumner, founders of Nourish Schools, to explore this topic in their group
nutrition classes.

  4-class series
  2-hour classes, every other week
  $300 per person for the series (minimum of 6 people in each class)
  Recipes will be included
  Classes will be held in your private home or child’s school

1. Greens and Seasonal Allergies. This class will include information on how to get kids to eat their greens, why green
foods are so important to our health and well being, and how to prepare all things green. We will also talk about
what “inflammation” means and what an anti-inflammatory diet looks like and the prevention of seasonal allergies.

2. Whole Grains and Digestion.
In this class we will discuss the definition of a whole grain, why they are such an important
part of a healthy diet, how to prepare whole grains properly, and ideas on how to incorporate whole grains into a
child’s diet. We will also discuss digestion and how it affects our immunity and behavior.

3. Soups, Stocks and Boosting Immunity.
In this class we will discuss why seasonal eating is important, how to make simple
soups and stocks to improve immunity, and how to feed a child to help prevent colds, illness, and flu.

4. Menu Planning and Resources.
In this class we will discuss menu planning, resources, and the importance of being mindful.