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what we do
   School Consulting: We start with the kids! We consult with schools to integrate nutrition education into existing
         curriculum. We assist schools in choosing foods that will nourish a child’s growing mind and body while also
         preventing disease. We engage parents, teachers, and communities through campus and community-wide
         nutrition education programs.
   Individual Counseling: We know how confusing healthy eating can seem. We also know how hard it can be to make
         changes. Imagine having a good friend by your side to demystify food choices, attack your individual health,
         problems and support you as you make changes. We believe everyone is different, so we work with our clients
         to customize a program with meaningful, lasting results.

   Group Classes: For those who prefer friends nearby (we certainly do!), we conduct classes for groups of 6-12 friends
         in your private home. These classes meet twice a month for three months (that’s six classes.) See our website for the subjects we cover, or customize a series with us.

   Group Talks: We love to share our passion about delicious, whole foods. Hire us to give a presentation at your school,
         parent group, organization, office... wherever! We are passionate about spreading the word.

   Writing: We write a nutrition article that is published in the print and online version of the Washington Post every
         other Thursday. We also write articles for magazines, websites, school newsletters, organizations, brochures...
         you name it. If it has to do with nutrition, we’ll write it. We do all of this locally and long-distance. Sign-up for
         our nourish schools blog to receive regular nutrition advice, seasonal recipes, and interesting facts.