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about us : casey seidenberg

Casey Seidenberg recognizes the important connection between good nutrition and a child’s ability to learn, focus in a classroom, and stave off disease. She also believes that children are never too young to be taught to make healthy food choices that not only affect their growing bodies, but also their families, their communities, and the global environment.

A few years ago, Casey worked as a marketing professional helping national non-profits build their brands and advocate their causes. She was also a committed mom making her own baby food from organic vegetables, wondering why so many parents believed processed food is all children will eat.

Then Casey’s husband became ill with an autoimmune disease that rendered him unable to walk and compromised his heart and lungs. Nutrition played a significant role in his recovery, and Casey’s interest in food and health became a passion. She went back to school to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, then affiliated with Columbia University in New York City. She received certification in integrative nutrition and turned her passion into a full-time career.

Casey works with private, public and charter schools to provide nutritional assessments, healthier options for the cafeteria, faculty and parent education, curriculum additions for the classroom, and farm-to-school relationships.

Casey is working with the national non-profit Blessings in a Backpack, Whole Foods grocery stores, and D.C. schools to feed area children who do not have access to food on the weekends.

The Washington Post has quoted Casey as an expert in the nutrition field.

One of Casey’s strengths is her ability to work well with everyone, including the Head of School, the faculty, the kitchen staff, and the children. Casey believes every change is good, no matter how big or small.

Casey holds a BA with honors from Cornell University.

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