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Nourish Schools, L.L.C., seeks to teach families to grow, prepare, and eat nourishing, delicious, and sustainable food;
empower children to make healthy food choices; and educate students and parents about the connection between these
choices and the health of their families, communities, and planet.

We recognize the important connection between good nutrition and a student’s ability to learn effectively. Therefore,
we work with schools to integrate nutrition instruction into the existing curriculum including all areas of education -
math, science, art, geography, and literacy; assist schools in choosing foods that will nourish a child’s growing mind
and body while also preventing disease; engage parents, teachers, and their communities through group nutrition
classes, individual counseling, and community-wide nutrition education programs.

The intended impact of Nourish School’s mission is good nutrition, long-term health, sharper minds, and a healthier world.